Related Services

Quirex has always strived to be the best in providing the best solutions for companies. Ever since we started our business in 2011, we knew that we will be exploring other aspects of marketing and development for both online and offline needs of companies. From our humble beginnings as a simple offline systems development, we are not offering more services for our clients to utilize and implement in their own products and services.

Marketing Solutions

We have not diversified our portfolio by offering different marketing strategies for clients. We recognize the need of our customers to present their products and services to their prospective markets and demographics. It is up to us to direct their resources according to their top priorities.

We implement our methods based on our initial assessment and evaluation of your business. We will study and do our research on your company and your services so that we can have a better understanding of your business. We will also take a look of your competitors in order to have a good judgment of your current status in your chosen market.

If you have an Amsterdam zoo as a business, we will collect data and numbers on all the existing companies which are related to animals and zoos in general. We will also take a snapshot of your standing as a business. After crunching the numbers, we will give recommendations on what to do in Amsterdam for your company to have an increase in sales and better reception among your customers.

Website management

We have a team of experts consisting of webmasters, programmers, developers, and graphic designers who are very capable of making your website as dependable and as user-friendly as you imagined it to be. We also have content writers who can help you with your newsletters, tech blogs, and articles that you publish on your site.