What Defines a Good User Experience Design?

When you come across a website, the first thing that will grip you into scrolling down until the end of the page is the user experience design. Try to build a website that has just plain text from the top to the bottom. And then create another one with colors, images, buttons, and direction. Which one do you think will have more website visitors? Found out it here on amsterdam bezienswaardigheden de wallen.

A user experience design is crucial in keeping the users scrolling and reading your content.

What makes a user experience design effective? cupon descuento en aliexpress


It must show the whole page in a matter of seconds

According to Telegraph.co.uk, the average attention span of a human being is about 8 seconds when the start of the mobile revolution began. That is shorter compared to the 9-second attention span of a goldfish.

The whole user experience does not only start after the website appears. It actually begins when the website visitors click on the meta title on the search results. If the page does not show up in 5 seconds or less, the user is more likely to go back to search results and look at another website.

The page must immediately show what the user is looking for

As stated a while ago, people nowadays have a low attention span. Once the content of your page appears right before their eyes, they are going to browse it immediately with their eyes. If they like what they see, then they will take time to read most, if not all, the content that you posted on your page. There is also same example on this cupon descuento en aliexpress.

You only have a few seconds to capture their attention. You should give them what they want at the beginning of your page. Show them what they are looking for and then elaborate more on the product information on the succeeding parts of the page vergelijk glasvezel providers eindhoven.

It must not only give them information but it must give them an experience

This is why it is called user experience. Readers want to be brought into an environment that they can relate to. The Apple website, for example, gives visitors a classy, minimalist vibe. Samsung, on the other hand, shows innovation and advanced technology. Know your demographics and your target market and give them a great experience when they visit your website.