About Us

If you are looking for the best software solutions provider in the whole of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, then you have come to the right place. Quirex is your partner in establishing your presence online. You will not come across a better software store than us. You are guaranteed top-notch products, reliable services, and start-to-finish projects.


Who we are

Quirex is a company that was established in 2011 when customers and marketing arena was switching from physical stores to the internet. We recognized the void in the need of companies and corporations a store that provides the best software and technology that can make their visions into reality.

Our team of 10 web and program developers started creating tech blogs to promote our company. We also relied heavily on door-to-door software marketing presentation to presidents and CEOs. Our efforts paid off. We captured our first big project in 2012 as we built a software development system for their accounts and manpower management from scratch.

The company was very satisfied with our product that it hired us as a local partner in all their business system development which include inventory management, mobile development, and even the creation of a bookkeeping program that their resident employees can regularly utilize.

Now, we have clients who want to systematize Amsterdam city trips, organized Amsterdam Canal tours, and improve the user interface of their websites when visitors shop online.

What we offer

Our priority is to help every company improve their system of management in a way that is customizable and applicable to their own culture and lifestyle as a company. Currently, we are offering a great number of services to our clients not just locally but also worldwide. These include software development, mobile software, and cloud services.